The Twelve Point Financial Health Check

1. Your Issues

An update by you on issues requiring attention

2. Strategic Review

An update by us on recommended changes to strategy

3. Investment Review

Looking back on the last 12 months performance

4. Investment Action Plan

Looking forward and implementing any changes to investment strategy

5. Mortgage & Loan Review

Reviewing your interest rates and debt structuring arrangements

6. Taxation Update

Reviewing opportunities and threats created by changes to taxation law

7. Pensions Update

Reviewing opportunities and threats created by changes to pension law

8. Insurance Review

Providing a check of current levels of cover and policy wording

9. Estate Planning Review

Ensuring your estate planning wishes are current and legally valid

10. The ‘Remove the Hassle’ Service

Sorting through any paperwork received that confuses you

11. Family Review

Discussing any financial issues affecting your family

12. Professional Update

Providing professional updates to your accountant and other advisers

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