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No two people have identical circumstances, ambitions and needs.
What’s more, needs often change over time and everyone’s financial situation is different.
The financial plan we produce for you is also unique and individually tailored to suit your particular needs.

So how do we develop a bespoke financial plan specifically for you?

We follow a financial planning process, which has been carefully designed, with seven important steps.

We then make quite sure that you know exactly what’s happening at every stage as the process develops.

Our Process

1. Identify your needs and objectives

As a first step, we will arrange an introductory meeting.
We will explain fully how the service works, discusses your primary financial needs and objectives then answers your initial questions.
By hearing how we work with our clients, you’ll have the opportunity to make sure that our service will be of value to you.

2. Gather Information

If it is agreed that you could benefit from our service, we will go into much greater detail with you, looking at your objectives and developing them into well defined goals.
At the same time we will gather detailed financial information to give a comprehensive picture of your finances and commitments.

3. Identify you risk profile

You have the right to expect that the fund portfolios built for you will meet your investment needs within a given risk level. To achieve this we have a range of tools that help you to measure and agree your attitude to risk – your risk ‘score’.
Once a risk score has been established and agreed with you, a corresponding portfolio can be built whose asset allocation is optimised to provide the maximum expected return for that particular level of risk.

4. Prepare an analysis

Once these details have been agreed with you, the information is used to complete a personal financial plan.
This written report performs complex analyses on your current financial position, and identifies any areas where it is felt your existing financial arrangements could be more effective, or where you have no plans in place to achieve your stated objectives.

5. Develop a plan of action

Now, with a full understanding of your circumstances and priorities, we construct your Financial Plan.
Financial planning is a very personal matter.
This report sets out specific and realistic recommendations designed to achieve your stated objectives, both in the short and longer term.

6. Implement your plan

The next step is for us to present you with your own plan.
At this meeting each recommendation will be carefully explained and all your questions answered.
It is, of course, your decision whether to implement those strategies, in full or in part.
Attainment of your goals, whether it be some or all of the recommendations, will only arise from positive action and your own desire to make this happen.

7. Monitor your progress

As a client of ours, your Financial Management Programme is regularly reviewed by us.
We make sure your plan is working towards achieving its objectives.

Each review also takes account of any changes in your personal circumstances, financial market conditions and relevant legislation.

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